Chosen people

chosen people

This hits at a quintessential troubling aspect of all religions. That God wants (and needs) people to pray and worship him is evidence of one of the following:

  • That god has real issues with self-esteem
  • or that God is merely an invention of people with low self-esteem

Take your pick.

If a mere human demonstrated this desire for worship, they would be in need of some counseling.


Chosen people — 2 Comments

  1. The problem with this cartoon is that the author displays his ignorance of Judaism. For an atheist that claims to be an “enlightened intellect” simply because they choose not to believe in G-d, I find this ignorance of religious history surprising. G-d did not choose the Jews because we bow down to Him, the Jews were the “chosen” ones, because G-d chose them not vice versa to observe his mitzvot. The concept being that since G-d is holy, and that since we human beings are made in G-d’s image and he wants us to be holy as He is, observing the mitzvot makes us holy.

  2. Did G-d just arbitrarily choose the Jews among all the possible tribes at the time? Or was there some reason why the Jews were chosen as opposed to some other tribe? Because if the practice of observing the mitzvot makes one holy, then anyone (Jew or otherwise) practicing the mitzvot would be holy.

    While it is certainly a historical fact that Jews believe that G-d chose them to practice the mitzvot, I am merely questioning why G-d chose the Jews instead of some other group. Granted, my “bowing down explanation” may be a cheap shot.

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