The cosmos again



You can also see a nice image by clicking here starting with the solar system and then progressing to larger and larger stars then ending up with the countless galaxies at the farthest reaches of the universe. You may need to click on the image after it appears to make it go full-size.


The cosmos again — 3 Comments

  1. Actually, nearly every dot is a galaxy. The few that have the four spike-like flares are foreground stars.

  2. Good observation!

    I guess they should have taken the picture with a refractor or a bi- or tri-Schiefspiegler. Then there wouldn’t have been any spike-like flares :)

  3. Brilliant comic.
    How can any human tell another human what god wants/thinks?
    What a one-up, one-down manipulative game religious people with small egos play…..

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