dying on the cross

dying on the cross

It is pretty strange that God set up the following situation:

  • God created immortal people predisposed to sin
  • God got all pissed off when these people sinned
  • God punished the original sinners and all their offspring (for all time) to a suffering mortal existence. There is no such thing as being born innocent from here on.
  • God decides to “up the anti” and have people burn in Hell for all eternity after they die in addition to their mortal suffering.
  • Because God is so loving, he decides to provide a way for people to be saved from this eternal damnation.
  • God demands a significant sacrifice to atone for the “original sin”. He set up two conditions that must be satisfied:
    1. His one and only son (named Jesus) must die for the sins of all others
    2. Each person must accept Jesus as their personal savior
  • Both of these conditions must be met before someone will be saved from eternal damnation and have “ever-lasting life”

It seems that a more simple amnesty could have been devised.


dying on the cross — 3 Comments

  1. you are super creative and funny and a sharp thinker. You’re mind is probably made up, and the questions are rhetorical–but if I can answer them I believe that God did not create mortal people predisposed to sin, but rather, the Bible explains that God created us with a free-will, not a disposition to sin. Also, God didn’t really get pissed off; he sought out Adam and Eve with the disposition to restore and love them. They refused, blamed each other and the serpent, tried to cover up or atone for their own disobedience and lack of trust. God is just, as I would want an ultimate authority figure to be–at least to others who hurt me–I always want grace and mercy. But God is presented as just. He cannot just ignore sin. Just like we cannot just ignore it when people, our spouse, our co-worker, our enemy does something really harmful to us, we want justice, and we think a judge or someone in charge is unjust if they just ignore the “sin.” Additionally, Jesus is in full agreement that we need forgiveness, that sin must be addressed, and that God the Father is good and loving in wanting to provide for our life and salvation. Jesus concurs and voluntarily offers Himself to save us. It sounds so barbaric, but we see things like this in great novels and movies often, it’s a theme that resonates with the human heart. And we must trust Jesus because He trust is intimacy, trust receives what God offers, trust acknowledges that there is a breech in the relationship and Christ mends it and so forgiveness and relationship with God is only through Christ. Amnesty is great if there is no great wrong perpetrated and no justice that would be unjust not to endorse and enforce. Take this for what it’s worth, accept it or reject it, but it is an attempt to at least explain that God’s plan is not without reason or logical merit.

  2. I am a Muslim. Cartoons on the concept of God and Jesus, seeing as disrespect for all religions. which is funny when people think of this as the truth bulamamalar?d?r source. year 2011, people around the world have not seen a Quran. to them it’s a pity …

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