It is surprising that people refer to Christianity as a monotheistic religion. It seems there is no end of entities with supernatural powers including “the father”, “the son”, “the holy spirit”, the devil, the archangels, the regular angels, the saints, etc.

Polytheism holds that there are many gods; some more powerful than others where a god is some entity with supernatural powers. What is the difference between this notion of polytheism and Christianity with all its supernatural entities?


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  1. If this “God” character created “man” in his image, and one of the first things a large group of people will do is organise and delegate authority, split up responsibility, etc, why couldn’t “God?” isn’t he a little busy too?

  2. There is one God, three aspects or manifestations of him. That explains the trinity. Everything else, archangels, angels, demons, the devil, are all created beings that serve or oppose God, but none have power without God. That is why Christianity is a monotheistic religion.

  3. Or perhaps there is the natural world which eventually gives rise to humans who then create (think up) the concept of a monotheistic God with helper (and hurter) lesser spirits.

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