Playing it safe

playing it safe

Since there are quite a few religions that claim exclusive rights to getting into heaven, the logic in “Pascal’s wager” doesn’t exactly “hold water”.


Playing it safe — 7 Comments

  1. At least in the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s Heaven there’s large quantities of alcohol and stripper factories for all! And lots of pasta. Personally that sounds like more fun than adoring someone for eternity!

  2. Hey GodItself,

    The cartoon does show a good point, it allows the supporter of the wager to experience the other side of that argument, that is if they are willing to hear it. Too often these irrefutable truths are selectively ignored.

    Pascal’s Wager would be somewhat truthful if the only choices in the world were either Christianity or Atheism. Having only two choices with equal probability for actualization puts the statistical odds at 50/50. But we live in a world with seemingly infinite possibilities, and many many beliefs and religions contradicting one another. So when we add Judaism for example, the odds go to 33/33/33.

    Here is an additional aspect which I believe should be included in answering Pascal’s Wager.

    As the believer, if you are right, than you will go to heaven. However, if you are wrong, than you will have traded the life you already have for the uncertain chance of another. And in this life that is already certain, already in hand, you will have missed out, focusing too often rather on stifling the progress of science and encouraging and funding irrational thoughts of superiority that are dangerous to the cohesion of society.

  3. Yes, most pro-religious arguments turn out to be examples of false dichotomies. Once you recognize all the various different religions all through Man’s history, the dichotomy becomes readily apparent for all but the completely deluded.

  4. For your information, if people deny the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and they’re wrong, the FSM, in all His Noodly Goodness, will only send them to an afterlife where the beer is flat, and the strippers have VD. Still beats the hell out of other religions.

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