Where is Muhammad? — 5 Comments

  1. ..hermmm, the wikipedia threoy also states: modern people use race as a proxy (rough-and-ready indicator) for coalition membership, since a better-than-random guess about which side another person is on will be helpful if one does not actually know in advance ..basically that says the racial-response is due to familiarity and/or upbringing factors..Not any hardwiring….get to know folks, & the hardwire is softened & even disappears….since we’re post-modern now (or post-post-modern even), it seems like coalition membership is even more random theories about genetic-racism are not only non-genetic (more an environmental condition) but more apt to be dissolving, in a more connected society and/or world..

  2. 1. Yes the Gulf War was based on a lie. But are you including polpee killed by Saddam and Shia vs Sunni sectarian killings in the Gulf War casualties? The vast majority of these deaths were Iraqis killing one another. Shouldn’t most of the blame lie with them?2. Things are changing regarding US support Israel, and rightly so. Blaming the west for everything is wearing thin. Yesterday 12 polpee were killed in Peshawar by a taliban bomb. Most civilian deaths in Afghanistan are by taliban.

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