The sun god


Christianity borrows heavily from earlier pre-existing religions. Practically every concept in Christianity pre-dates the time of Christ.

Virgin Birth, Born on Dec 25th., significance of “the cave”, risen, giver of life, redemption, etc. The list goes on and on.


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  1. I’m not going to touch the rest of your points 😛 Because they’re true, there is a lot of overlap and borrowing.

    But, the majority of serious (read: have done research, and not just robotically believe the preacher) Christians don’t actually believe that Jesus was born on the 25th of December. Rather, a few hundred years after He died, the Roman Catholic church decided to throw a Christian festival overtop of the Winter Solstace festival, to make it easier for pagans to convert to Catholicism. And thus was Christmas born.

    Same story for easter 😛 If you count it, Jesus would’ve risen on a Tuesday morning/Monday evening, not Sunday.

  2. I agree that many Christians admit that the dates for the celebration of Jesus’ birth and resurrection are merely for our convenience (kind of like celebrating George Washington’s birthday on Monday to give us all a three-day weekend). But the problematic borrowing that Christianity does is with things like virgin births, crucifixions, “raising from the dead”, and the concept of a “savior”. It is my understanding that none of these things were new concepts with Christianity.

  3. Your claim is true of just about anything, religious or not, that has historical origins. Nothing comes “from the voice;” but that is what Christians believe. Good luck winning an argument with people who don’t agree with the premise. (though I do.)

  4. What’s funny/tragic, is that Christians actually preach that crap about the devil planting beliefs in pre-Christian societies in order to generate doubt later.

  5. its sort of annoying when people even try to compare Christianity with other religions. people think that if they can prove that the same things happened in other religions, it illegitimates Christianity. the same way the romans and Greeks were devout in their religion is the same way Christians are today. whether or not its true is up to whom ever encounters the ideas. i am a Christian, but i have seen the way other kinds of people adhere to their religions. i am secure in my own faith, so their choices don’t matter to me. the only difference is until September 11th, Christianity was the only religion on the chopping block. it gets annoying to see that all the time. i guess if Buddhism was the main religion, it would constantly be on the chopping block…or would it?

  6. If your religious then your thick.
    Simple as that.

    Theres a fairy behind you.

    Its about time you all stopped making such fools of yourselves and spoiling everyone else’s lives.
    You are and overly vocal bunch of muppets.
    Sheep would be a good analogy flocks of sheep. Blindly following any old crap real or not.
    Some brands of religion actually use the seep metaphor themselves.



  7. Christians are sheep.

    Poor pathetic brainwashed sheep.

    They are stupid, HJ.

    Just like chris m harper. Secure in your beliefs? That just means that you’re to stupid to consider new things you mindless sheep.

  8. Chris up there:

    If Buddhism were the “main religion” of the world, it most certainly would not be on the “chopping block.”

    The Buddhists have never (read it again: never) been involved in a war, skirmish, or Yo Mama fight. They are the most peaceful religion on the planet.

    The two “main religions” of the world, Christianity and Islam, are undoubtedly the most violent (crusades I, II, and III; the Spanish Inquisition; giving rise to Mormonism, the most rebellious religion ever; etc)

  9. I feel bad for Christians. Basically, because someone wants to believe something, even if it could be proven wrong, is their individual right to do. However, I think the main problem comes from how these religions are structured and how our society adapted to these teachings. Where one person is calling a Christian a brain-dead zealot, there is a Christian calling someone a sinner. In other words, the ignorance on both ends are going to cause the segmentation that is happening now. Odds are things will become more violent before they get better. We grow and progress out of the chaos we create, just as a child learns not to touch the hot stove. It is to bad we are unable to transcend and see past these issues. Anyways, life is all about the experience, why spend it worrying about what someone else believes in. I will be enjoying life, while everyone else is killing one another. I plan on my soul moving on to bigger and better things after this life is over.

  10. Nice work!!!

    @chris m harper
    Its not that christianity is ‘on the chopping block’…rather, its more a case that ALL religions are nothing more than a fairy tale.

    At this stage of human scientific advancement…it is simply deranged to still belive in ANY religion.

    Religion may have been ok in the days when there was no science and so many phenomenon could not be explained, but this is not the case any more.

    Considering all of the pain and suffering caused by religions over the ages, I think its time mankind let it go.

    If you still need a 2000 year book to tell you what is right and wrong, civil society has failed for you and you might as well just go away and die.

  11. Religions are based on drug use; peyote, psychedelic mushrooms, cannabis. Tales from people who used these drugs were spread for hundreds of years, each storyteller embellishing just a little more than the last. Now we have people killing in the name of god, who doesn’t exist. read and to see it’s not a war on (some) drugs, it’s a war on minorities who used these drugs instead of drinking the white man’s alcohol, and the government was looking to recover slave labor lost after the civil war freed the slaves and ‘grandfather clauses’ were struck down as unconstitutional.

  12. Actually religion is a result of evolution – luckily it is gradually dying out as improved brain function makes it a non-survival trait

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  14. C. S. Lewis said just the opposite — that it was God, not the devil, who gave humanity these myths. “Lewis loved the god-stories of Norse and Greek mythology, and the thought that did most to bring him back to Christianity was that, in Christ, a myth found worldwide, the myth of a dying and rising deity through whose ordeal good comes to others, has become space-time fact. … Lewis saw these myths, and many pre-Christian pagan myths with them, as ‘good dreams’ that can have real significance in the evangelistic process. They can project visions of wholeness restored through divine action. They can make honest hearts wish that something of this sort might be true in our world, and so prepare them to discover that something of this sort is true, as a matter of fact. ”

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