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  1. Hi friend,
    I’m Sagar Gorijala from India. I’m an Atheist with a difference and it’s I actually proved that god(s) can’t exist and I want rest of the World to know my theory and couldn’t achieve it and as a fellow Atheist I seek your help in doing so. Here is my theory
    Honestly this won’t be something that consumes or wastes your precious time, it’s worth more than gold or diamonds. It’s for real and this time around theists can’t fool around with their ignorance. It has been more than ten long years and I couldn’t let the World know my theory. I started it in 1999 December – 2000 January and had it ready in the month of January 2000 since then I tried a lot but couldn’t let rest of the World know my theory. If there is a way to join hands with your blogroll please let me know. We are fellow atheists and I need your help.

  2. I’m not religious, and I value logic, knowledge and science over everything.
    I also really liked the video.

    Anyway, Sagar, your logic is deeply flawed in several places, so you haven’t proven anything. For example, you often just assume some things and then build upon that.

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