Two can play this game

Two can play this game

I’ve heard pastors say each of these things during sermons in church. They want each person in the congregation to slowly and incrementally give up all their secular interests and activities and increasingly devote more and more of their time and money to the church. The model is the early 1st century Christians who supposedly gave up all of their possessions to follow the teachings of Jesus. Of course the present day church wants us all to keep our day jobs so we will continue to make money to give to the church.


Two can play this game — 7 Comments

  1. Just stumbled upon your wonderful site. You make a lot of very pertinent comments about religion. Thank you for what you are doing. Cheers.

  2. fuck this. im catholic. i know how people may think that the church is trying to get people to keep their day jobs…. but all they want is more and more money to give to poor people and then splurge on themselves.. ever been in a preist?s house? my preis has a fukn big screen plasma and a water bed.

  3. I thought all gods were make believe? You ever come across a real one? I much prefer the term, “Imaginary Friend”.

  4. When I can authenticate a god is when I may begin thinking about religion. Until then, I remain an intelligent atheist. Ever notice that all the religious arguments you hear, you have heard before? Like their religious myth, their phony justifications don’t change. Xian fears are so bad they constantly attempt to pull in others to suffer with them.

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