The Fundamentalist Challenge

fundamentalist challenge

This comic is in response to those concerned individuals who posted comments on the “StumbleUpon” navigator. It seems a few people think I am merely knocking down a straw man of religion. If you think that is the case, post a comment here with an example of how I am misrepresenting religion. Simply click on the comment link in the post heading or alternatively click here.

I do think, though, that Christianity would better reflect the golden rule if they dropped the “saved”
and “burning in hell” business. We could still have the Christ spirit and all the good stuff. Just get rid of the bad stuff.


The Fundamentalist Challenge — 9 Comments

  1. Your religious comics are brilliant. You articulate what we (the thinking majority) can’t in such a succinct and incisive way.

    Would you mind if I link to you on my blog?

  2. Jr., link away. I’ll add you to my mini blogroll. I’m trying to identify and highlight those blogsites that involve visual (cartoonish) material.

    Incidentally, my favorite Chick comic strip can be found here.
    Its about creationism and the dinosaurs. Religious fundamentalism at its best (or worst). Somehow when you see irrational theology in image form, its easier to see how ridiculous it is. I’m curious if mainstream Christians view Jack T. Chick as an embarrassment or as their champion. Perhaps some people can leave comments about that here as well.

  3. I just read the Chick tract on dinosaurs. OMG. This is the insanity of fundamentalist Xtianity all in a nutshell. The ignorance, the fear-mongering, the ridiculous postulating of ‘theories’ and above all, the hubris of believing that this one, singular vision of reality is THE only way life can be seen.

    But about your comix: I applaud you. I especially appreciate the ‘We could still have the Christ spirit and drop all the bad stuff.’ I think this is what every enlightened teacher has been trying to say since the beginning of enlightened teachers.

    A wise person told me once that one can envision reality and all its various forms of religion as a vast wagon wheel. The center hub is God, and each spoke represents a different faith system. The closer each faith system is to God, the closer they are to one another. Conversely, the further each faith system is from any other faith system, the further they are from God. This image has stayed with me for years, and makes a great deal of sense to me.

    I fully believe that if Jesus and Buddha were in the same room they would have a wonderful, loving, supportive conversation. Add Gandhi to the mix as well. I highly doubt they’d fight one another to the death.

    It seems to me that fundamentalist ‘Christians’ act pretty much in a way that is the opposite of what Jesus seemed to have taught. Where Jesus was loving, they are filled with hatred. Where Jesus was accepting, they are filled with fear. Where Jesus was calm and serene they are hopping mad. The one place where Jesus lost his cool (if we are to believe the accounts in the New Testament) is when he drove the money changers out from the temple. Yet today’s fundamentalist ‘Christians’ don’t seem to have any problem at all with the huge multi-million dollar industry televangelism has become. ‘Ministers’ preaching prosperity and driving Mercedes while chiding their flock that they aren’t tithing enough. It’s enough to make Jesus puke.

  4. All of your criticisms of religion have been fair criticisms. However, the benefit of religion is not provided by the religious dogmas you are attacking. In fact, the essential element of a religious faith is not the dogma at all, but the communities of people who share their beliefs and values. It is true that we need to reform those beliefs to fit the modern age, and that values on which we have depended to bring us to this point may not help us to move beyond it, but that purpose is not facilitated by simply attacking the value community. We have to try to get along with religious people and allow them to preserve their communities while we try to change their values. Otherwise i think we may lose more than we gain. Both sides lose alot when they feel completely superior to the other. Aren’t we all just looking for meaning?

  5. Shane,

    I’m not looking to get rid of religion. I’m just looking for a general reformation of religion where hopefully, the major religions will drop their presumed exclusive rights for getting into heaven. I believe most of the bad consequences of religion (suicide bombers, holy wars, etc) would be eliminated if all religions moderated in this way. The main thing I criticize (for example with Christianity) is the “you are going to hell unless you accept Jesus Christ as your savior”. I actually like most of the other stuff associated with Christianity (in particular the sense of fellowship as you mention).

    I do recognize that this blog comes across as perhaps more extreme than I intend. I will try to tone it down in the future.


  6. Jeff.

    Great stuff. If Christians keep sucking, then point it out. Hopefully we’ll all be better because of it.

    As for the heaven and the hell bit, the Jesus of the Bible speaks very inclusively (theif dieing next to him on the cross) and very exclusively (he talks about those who have call him “Lord” still not making it).

    The point is this: The Bible and my life experience has taught me that Jesus leads me to God. In what way he leads me to God is still somewhat of a mystery to me. Does that mean that Jesus magically makes me connect with God? Does that mean I ought to accept Jesus’ gift of salvation to connect to God? Or does it mean that only through living as Jesus lived that I can truly connect with God?

    Anyways, thanks for your admission of what you’re attacking. I’m a Christian (and what I mean by that is I strive to follow Christ’s teachings and mimic his lifestyle) and I’d attack the same things.

    God bless.
    or Good luck
    may the Truth be clear to us.

  7. im an atheist unitarian. and loving it. i don’t believe in god, but i go to church every Sunday and am a part of a loving community. the fact that my church respects my point id the best part:)

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