The Watchmaker

The Watchmaker

This comic is a reaction to the misleading watchmaker video at which grossly mischaracterizes evolution.

I guess the “kids4truth” video is an example of “Intelligent Design’s” strategy of teaching both sides of an issue and then letting the kids decide.

Also, even if one finds gaps in the naturalistic explanation for meeting the conditions for evolution to proceed, it doesn’t necessarily follow that a god –must– be invoked to fill the “knowledge gap”. It would be better if our children studied hard in school and aspired to become scientists than to “cop-out” and blissfully become unquestioning believers and mindlessly repeat the mantra “god did it… god did it…. god did it….”


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  1. Wow, you have strict requirements for leaving a comment, don’t you?

    I am “just thinking” from the Genesis study over at the Reasonable Atheist. I’ve decided to come out.

    As I see that you are constantly battling the “religious” people, I want to show you a different kind of a Christian. As a matter of fact, I don’t even like to refer myself as a Christian because of the label comes with certain preconceived notions. I hope you will come to think with me.(on any of my posts) You can go to my profile and also check out my other, more personal, blog.

    See you in the thinking tank… (hopefully)

  2. Linda,

    You appear to be the type of Christian which I like (and respect) who can discuss and investigate theological matters without rigid adherence to religious doctrine (like the doctrine that says that all non-Christians are going to hell for all eternity). Feel free to post comments here any time.

    As I have commented over at reasonableatheist there are probably an infinite number of positions in the coordinate space in the range from atheist to theist and from agnostic to gnostic. Theism being related to what you believe and gnostic being related to what you think you know. See ironchariots for a nice explanation. I’d be interested in learning how you characterize yourself in this coordinate space. Of the four “quadrants” in the belief and knowledge coordinate space, I view “gnostic theist” as being potentially dangerous and harmful to society. Think suicide bombers and the politics and discrimination of the “Christian right”. I view all the other quadrants as being benign and easily tolerated. Personally, I fall in the “agnostic atheist” quadrant.


  3. Jeff,

    Hmmm…. I’m not sure if I can put myself in any of the four groups. Perhaps you can check out this post.

    I’ve been just trying to BE who and what I am and let others decide for themselves what they want to take from it. You can also look at other posts on that blog, and you’ll pretty much know all about me. (umm.. maybe too much :)) And my thoughts and beliefs evolve into something bigger and better every day.

    That’s my only goal–to learn and absorb everything that I have the privilege of coming in contact with. That includes people and their thoughts/ideas. I love to interact with people who like to think freely and also those who may not think so freely. I want to share this new freedom which I suddenly came to the realization of. I also am not at all afraid to share my ideas to promote a freely thinking/expressing environment for others.

  4. Thank you, Jeff.
    I left you a reply there.

    See? We are not all that different after all. 😉 So stop fighting those people that cannot possibly understand you. You need to be around people who can encourage you and your creativity.

  5. Yes, but how did that cell that changed over time, randomly mutate, or alter under specific pressure originate?

  6. That’s a valid point. Evolution is only an explanation of how life forms that already exist change over time. Evolution doesn’t explain how the life form got there in the first place. Technically speaking, atheists can’t claim that evolution theory has anything to say about the origin of life. Religious people, likewise, should not feel threatened by evolution.

  7. And I agree. As a religious Jew, I have no qualms about evolution. Really, it is immaterial to me. If I evolved from a common ancestor as our friends the apes, then so be it. Personally, I feel that evolution has holes in the theory itself but too often do the fundamentally religious use as I call it the “hole in one” argument. They love to point at ONE single hole in a theory to bring down the entire theory, in the alternative, it really should be done by the preponderance of evidence standard. Of course the question I find way more fascinating is abiogenesis – not evolution.

  8. I agree, we are still waiting for the “Darwin” of abiogenesis. Critical to the field of abiogenesis is a good definition of life (as opposed to non-life). In science’s rejection of “vitalism”, they may have thrown too much out…

    Some of the currently held theories on abiogenesis include the following:

    • God created the first life forms. For me this tends to be a “cop-out” explanation. I find a theory with more details much more satisfying.
    • The first life forms just formed by complete chance. A very lucky accident.. the accident being very improbable.
    • There is a tendency for life to spontaneously form that is MUCH greater than complete chance. This tendency has thermodynamic reasons. Matter tends to self-organize so as to increase entropy and the process of life (having a metabolism) is a very effective way to increase entropy.
    • Life, in some sense has always existed and doesn’t need an explanation as originating from a place (or time) where it didn’t exist.

    There are probably other theories or variations on the above. Abiogenesis is indeed an exciting area of research (even if it isn’t currently funded).

  9. you miss the best point: God is much more complex than any cell and therefor requires an external maker! Religious ‘logic’ is just stupidity dressed up in rational clothes.

  10. I 100% agree with Lin. That’s the question that “believers” can never answer.

    Them: “but life is so complex and complicated and beautiful that there’s no way it could just HAPPEN on it’s own! there has to be some sort of intelligent design! aka GOD!”

    Us: “umm… ok. well then the DESIGNER would have to be REALLY complex and complicated and beautiful. How did HE get created?”

    Them: “… you just don’t have any faith…”

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