Interesting Species

Interesting Species

Sad but true…

The fundamental premise of Christianity is similar to extreme spousal (or domestic) abuse… just taken to the next metaphysical level.


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  1. Jeff,

    Do you draw your own characters? They are cute.

    Yes, this is true in most of Christianity. That girl and that boy will be brainwashed with religion and become the rabbit with the ax and the man with white hair. The cycle repeats.

    It will also be true for the other side.
    There’s no end in sight.

    Unless…. someone says NO and starts asking questions. Real questions. Real interest in real answers. Why do you keep looking for ammunition from those who are hypnotized and sleepwalking? They cannot give you any real answers, because they are the lost sheep that Jesus speaks of. Most (rebellious) people don’t go any farther than just saying NO. They are all stuck there in the Land of No. Hmmm… I just got a new idea for a post.

    Can I ask you a question? Why do you go to church? And why that particular one? My question to you is… are you interested in real answers, or are you just having fun with the game? I don’t have any answers, but I do have real questions. But no one wants to think with me. I’ve been talking to everyone over at the Friendly Atheist. No one once asked me a real question. They are all comfy and cozy in their game of rebellion. They don’t seem to want to stop.

    I went to a political blog run by Harding students who claim they are liberals. They’ve pretty much decided they won’t talk to me. One of them said to another, “Do not feed the trolls. They will go away eventually.” Am I a troll? Is it a debate term? Am I missing something. I feel so naïve sometimes…

    I had high hopes in the Reasonable Atheist. One chapter of Genesis is all he seemed to be able to handle. I wrote to That Atheist Guy. He’s the guy in New York that I talked about in the post that you replied to. I’ve heard zippo from him. No one wants to hear the truth, because continuing to fight the lie is somehow easier than facing the truth.

    My new theory — Everyone secretly LOVES conflict. They don’t want anyone to come and ruin their fun. Is that true?

  2. Linda,

    I don’t draw the artwork. Its all done at stripcreator. See the credits page of this blog.

    I do go to a Baptist church a couple of times a month. I’m even in a bible-study “small group” that meets once a week. I am friends with some of the people there even though I don’t share their beliefs about damnation, the devil, and hell. I’ve tried to immerse myself in an evangelist church to try to understand where these people are coming from. As with most churches (probably) there are some good messages and a lot of really despicable advice given up at the pulpit.

    A friend of my wife brought us to the church. My wife wanted the kids to be members of a church. I kind-of just tagged along to see what it was all about. (I’m a second generation atheist… completely unchurched before now… never believed). Anyway, I’ve been going there for almost 2 years and the sermons are starting to sound very familiar (as in re-hashing the same stuff). I’ll probably make a clean break before to long and experiment with a different church. I’m actually VERY interested in all aspects of Christianity. I just don’t happen to believe the Christian canon with Jesus saving us from eternal damnation.

    I’m open to the “arational” just as long as its not irrational (which I think Christianity is). If there were a variety of Christianity that publically and overtly dropped the “saved from eternal damnation business” from their theology, perhaps I would buy into it. Although, the devil is in the details.


  3. Linda,

    To answer some more of your specific questions…

    Yes, I do think people are attracted to conflict. You are right that most atheist blogs just criticize religion without offering any real replacement. But remember that atheism is merely the non-belief in theism. Atheism isn’t in itself a world-view. Most atheists probably subscribe to some form of “secular humanism”. There will be a time when I will have said everything I want to say in criticizing religion. Then perhaps I will start to post positive comics on what can replace religion (for me). BTW, I’m also very critical on a lot that science has to say about “what is life”. I’ll probably post a lot about that in the future.

    As far as the Reasonable Atheist and That Atheist Guy, don’t assume that just because someone starts a blog means that they are deeply searching for meaning in life. They might be very content in their world view just the way it is. They may just be “having a little fun” as you say poking at religion. And “having a little fun” often takes a back seat to other more important things.


  4. Jeff,

    I was in the process of copying my first comment as a post on my blog. Do you mind if I copy and paste your reply, then reply from there?

  5. Hi, I’m that atheist guy. I posted a reply to Linda’s blog already. I’m out here, just mostly lurking. I’m enjoying your comics, and I especially like your comments here and elsewhere. Keep up the good work!

    I think that’s the Nova Usagi! Yes, English teachers in Japan would find the first panel funny on a whole other level…

  6. TAG,

    I really like your blog and am intrigued by the term Ignosticism that you mention. I’ll have to think about that some.

    There are, of course, two issues here. One is what a person believes, knows, and finds important/relevant on a philosophical and emotional level. The other issue being political in that we have to live with others who have different views that vote or make policy. It could very well be that someone is “A” but acts like they are “B” to better protect the future existence of “A”.

    For example, an ignostic may not think it is philosophically relevant to discuss/argue religion, but nevertheless discuss it in order to keep a particular religious worldview from “taking over” the local school board which could have negative repercussions for other things that they care about (like science) …

    Or a religious person may support separation of church and state to protect the religious freedom that they currently enjoy… even though they would really prefer to have the state sponsor their religion…


  7. Hey Jeff!

    How would you like to be added as an author on my blog? Then you can post your own thoughts that we may want to discuss, and maybe some of your cartoons as well. Mriana, who I met at the Friendly Atheist site, will be joining me. And my British friend Matt (another atheist) will be joining us, at least in the comments section. E-mail me if you’re interested. (I hope you are) :)

  8. Darn, I was hoping for some secert formula LOL .Not that it surprises me. I come from a family of non-believers and I’ve been trying to figure a way to plant seeds. I thought, if I could get St. Thomas Aguinas’ five proofs of God down, then I could wow them with my intellectual reasoning. But when I ask about the non-contingent reason for our existence which is contigent, they just shrug it off and say I don’t know. And that’s that. So yes, I’ve been praying for them also.

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