If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard someone say something was a blessing… well that would be a blessing ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh, the sun is out… that’s a blessing.
Oh, it stopped raining… that’s a blessing.
Oh, its warm this morning… that’s a blessing.
Oh, my football team won the game…. that’s a blessing.
Oh, I found a penny on the ground… that’s a blessing.


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  1. Blessings are where you notice them (though I don’t think a football team winning a game is one of them :-). They obviously don’t come from a non-existent deity, they just happen. But seeing them as blessings from (the universe, life, fortune, whatever) and appreciating them cultivates a positive attitude that makes the rest of living more pleasant.

    Counting, or at least noticing, one’s blessings is a productiive thing to do.

  2. Karen,

    I would agree with you. I just disagree with the idea of blessings as little favors doled out by god as a response to prior prayer or worship.

  3. Oh, Jeff posted some new comics… that’s a blessing.
    Oh, he found some new backgrounds… that’s a blessing.
    Oh, there are more comments… that’s a blessing.


    I just disagree with the idea of blessings as little favors doled out by god as a response to prior prayer or worship.

    I disagree with that also. That’s the mentality of so many Christians, though.

  4. I’m a Christian.
    And I understand you’re frustration.
    but i’m asking y’all
    to understand mine

    we believe that there is a God and that He/She (the actual biblical word used for God seems to suggest that God is either without gender or is of both genders) is in control

    so that’s why we say “it’s a blessing”
    but if I were to say that it was “a beautiful day” I’d still be crediting God – however I wouldn’t be communicating that to you.

    sorry Christians are so lame
    and hateful
    we often come across much different than Jesus.

  5. @adam

    *some* Christians are lame. Most of them are normal people with acceptably developed social skills. Even as an atheist, most Christians don’t bother me. The ones that do bother me are the ones that can talk about nothing other than their god, regardless of company.

  6. The problem with Christians isn’t the message of Christianity, it’s their interpretation and application of the aforementioned message.

    Most every religion teaches, in different words and examples, the very same fundamental morals which are ingrained in everyone.

    The problem with Christianity is Christ, throw a celebrity and a rule set in the mix and the original intention becomes corrupted. It becomes a ‘holier than thou’ competition with the self-riotous condemning the unbelievers and the unbelievers convicting the over zealous.

    If ‘Christ’, (I quote because of the likelihood of importance in the scheme of spiritual wellbeing), were to observe modern religious interpretation, do you think he would see bickering as pious?

    I, myself am not a Christian, a Buddhist, an Atheist or even Agnostic– but I know there is a
    veil shrouding reality, and I know there’s a realm beyond, and I know that accepting ‘Christ’ is not your ‘get into heaven’ free card.

    We’re here doing the best we can, structured religion just over complicates what we already know…

  7. why can not the jesus freaks assume that their “god” is science and all the the items the science and rational people believe in are one in the same?

    thus thanking god for the turkey and the heat (physics) could make both parties happy! we believe in science and they believe in thanking their big guy for the science of heat and turkey!

  8. Although I realize it’s kind of a habit to say ‘thank god…’ I do try to replace it with ‘thank fsm’ but what really bakes my noodle is when someone is rescued from a car accident and people say ‘thank god hes alright,’ why don’t you thank the EMT who operated the jaws of life to get them out of the wreckage? It’s like that school bus that wrecked and turned over a few years ago, I think in NY (but I’m not sure on the location) where multiple children had fractured bones and one child who was only barely hurt with a few bruises said ‘god was looking after me,’ i bet that kid got the sh*t knocked out of him by the other kids whom god wasn’t favoring quite so much that they got concussions and broken legs.

    There is no god. Get over it.

  9. Chris: “I know thereโ€™s a realm beyond” Really? How? What trick do you know that the rest of us don’t? STFU. When you die, your body rots and you become worm food.

  10. Here’s a blessing, a really good atheist store I found. Well, primarily atheist and science stuff…

    Aristotle’s Muse

    Maybe wearing an atheist T-shirt won’t change the world, but then again, maybe it could.

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