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  1. Being an atheist, it is not natural for me to provide a response for the theistic viewpoint, but it is my understanding that the symbolism of the sacrifice of Jesus was that it meant that it was no longer necessary to offer animal sacrifices to god. Jesus was supposed to represent the ultimate and final sacrifice.

  2. Yes, the Old Testament is full of rules for sacrificing animals. The thing I find curious is that Christians believe Jesus to be in some since God itself (at least as part of the holy trinity). As such, Jesus would be an eternally existing entity even if he only had an earthly existence of 30 some years. So I have two (probably rhetorical) questions.

    1. If Jesus was eternally existing, why would his earthly death be considered a significant event? Would it really be a sacrifice? Why would it replace the more substantial acts of animal sacrifices?

    2. If God at some time decided that animal sacrifices were no longer needed to appease his anger (or for whatever previous purpose they held), why was a faux sacrifice (of Jesus) necessary? Why couldn’t God just issue a declaration that He no longer required animal sacrifices? The old Testament is full of times where God issues declarations to people (like Moses).

    Like I said, these are probably rhetorical questions.

  3. 1. The entire Hebrew Bible contains foreshadows of Christ. It is really about him. The Jewish system contained symbology that pointed to Christ. God really wasn’t appeased by animal sacrifices. The practice was a picture of what Christ would accomplish. He was giving them object lessons so that when the real object, Jesus, came on the scene they would understand.

    In a sense, the commentary in the cartoon has some truth in it. In the cosmic sense, was this a big deal? I mean, everybody suffers. The point is not that Jesus suffered more than anybody. The point is that God became flesh and died the same way we do and felt the same pain. This is complete identification with us.

    2. There is a mystery to why God did things this way. What I tend to marvel at is that God was one of us, just a slob like one of us. The point is not so much God’s painful sacrifice or that there is some mystical virtue in suffering. It is that Jesus solves everything. This is the real message: Jesus is the savior of everything. Many, if not most, Christians don’t even realize this.

  4. Actually, the biblical prophecies of the messiah were in large part NOT fulfilled by Jesus, hence why Jews don’t believe he is the messiah. The Christian interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures (which is pretty erroneous since most Christian lack the linguistic skills to understand hebrew and aramaic) are really just self-serving to justify their beliefs.

  5. Does Jesus not cry out Why have you forsaken me Father. The sin placed on him separated him from his father he was cast into hell for three days but arose. His sacrifice was to spare us the punishment we deserve. God is in incapable of withstanding sin so he cannot welcome us to heaven till our sin is dealt with.

  6. Just because some people wrote some stuff down a couple of thousand years ago doesn’t make it true. I’m sure if I wrote a bunch of stuff down to start a new religion, you would question it. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

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