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  1. A good one! :) Happy New Year, Jeff! Thank you for all the smiley faces!

    I think science requires faith also, because to me, faith means having an open mind to whatever may present itself. Faith requires hope that there is an answer beyond what’s available to us at the moment. Faith gives us motivation to keep digging. Faith gives us hope in tomorrow. Faith is admitting to ourselves that we don’t know, whether it be science or religion. But there is always, ALWAYS, hope for more knowledge. and Love…

  2. If you define faith as meaning having the optimism that efforts will pay-off when there is no guarantee that they will, then I agree with you.

    For most people, the term “faith” also carries other meanings associated with believing in the supernatural (often in lieu of alternative rational beliefs). This supernatural aspect of faith is the target of my criticism (not optimism).

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