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The gospels were written over 50 years after the time of “the crucifixion”. There is no way that they could be an accurate accounting of specific events in Jesus’s life.  They should be interpreted as merely liturgical stories made to fit earlier existing Jewish tradition and prophesy.  If Aliens were to go back in time, it is doubtful that they would be able to verify much of anything as written in the gospels.


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  1. I think one of the most irritating things is when people (such as family) mention “historical jesus” as if there really were such a thing. Meanwhile, the known historians living in and around Jerusalem during the alleged events do not mention him once. Nor do historians even mention Herod and the killing of the firstborn, etc etc…

    The whole thing called religion is an institutionalized delusion.

  2. There is much that is irritating with religion. As example what “the hell” is it, and who, if anyone is right? Everyone believes something different, and there is no sense of any focus on reality anywhere. Doubt that? Consider that the Christian Ministries publication recently announced that there are currently 43,000 Independent Christian sects that do not follow the prescribed Christian religion. That’s up from 38,000 only three years ago.

    Oh yes, lets not forget the recent PEW survey that found something like 48% of those who profess to be Christians, never go to church, pray or attend any religious functions. To me, that means that almost half the Christians aren’t Christians but atheists still too afraid to admit it. Sheeesh… who would blame them. Christians are violent against anyone who isn’t as batsh1t crazy as them. Really! The jails hols 98% Christians and only 2% atheists–and the atheists in jail claim they were railroaded by some Christian oddballs and really aren’t guilty!

    Truth in America isn’t exactly the Christian thing, is it?

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