Sarah Palin Rubber Dodo Award

Sarah Palin

from the director:

“Governor Palin has waged a deceptive, dangerous, and costly battle against the polar bear,” said Kieran Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity. “Her position on global warming is so extreme, she makes Dick Cheney look like an Al Gore devotee.”

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Sarah Palin Rubber Dodo Award — 15 Comments

  1. This article as well as the award is just silly.

    Most scientists are agreed that Global warming
    does not exist. In fact Global COOLING is happening.

    Check your facts……remember the old addage
    “Check your findings three times before you post.”

  2. Why is it that people that tell you to “check facts” never check them themselves??? Find me three (3) scientists that claim that global warming does not exist, and I’ll be incredibly amazed.

    However, the award maybe should go to McCain, for nominating her for the VP spot. For the next fascist in chief to suggest that this small-town, lying, inexperienced bimbo is ready to be president is just moronic enough to be “Dodo” worthy.

  3. “Check your findings three times before you post.”

    Yep. Rastlin you should check your facts (findings). Not just repeat republicon “facts”.

    FACT: “the scientific understanding of climate change is now sufficiently clear to justify nations taking prompt action. It is vital that all nations identify cost-effective steps that they can take now, to contribute to substantial and long-term reduction in net global greenhouse gas emissions.” (Joint Statement of Science Academies: Global Response to Climate Change [PDF], 2005)joint statement with 10 other National Academies of Science The U.S. National Academy of Sciences. “the gold standard of objective scientific assessment,” 2005 the White House

    In fact if you look at the “facts” very, very few scientists think that global warming does not exist. And don’t try to use the lie of “32,000” scientist that republicons continue to spew because only a handful of the supposed “32,000” are even in science.

    Ignorance is bliss for those like you who don’t know how to do your own research and lazily repeat and regurgitate republicon talking points.

    Based on your argument you probably assume that there is no economic crisis in this country and furthermore even if you think there may be a crisis I’m sure you will blame it on those crazy “liberals” not on the failed economic policies of the republicons over the last 30 years. Reaganomics hasn’t worked, does not work, and will never work because republicons put multi-national corporations interests above all others including the citizens of our country. The only republicon war that has been won over the last 30 years is their war against the middle class workers in Anmerica. If you can’t see that then you are blind.

  4. Thank you LoudPatriot, but he is blind. Blind to reason for sure, and I’m beginning to think they all are. Voting along party lines and believing whatever these neo-con pieces want them to believe… “oh tax beaks for the rich will help my poor ass? cool!”.
    And Rastlin… religious scientists and scholars don’t count when it comes to a debate about the earth’s climate change. Read outside the christian conservative blogs about how all of us “college edumacated” types are ruining america with our humanistic morals and our testable science. Damn us.

  5. Global warming is not so black and white as you both suggest. I would respectfully suggest you watch this video documentary by PBS’s Nova Science program. This is a double edged sword. If we continue, there is no scientific doubt we will see global temperatures increase, but if we eliminate carbon output too fast we will also increase global temperatures. This doc. suggest it is the pollution itself that is dimming the sunlight reaching the earth and countering the Green House gases.

  6. Global warming was some bull catch phrase, Global Warming MEANS Climate Change, jesus christ people…

  7. Though the whole global cooling thing by today’s perspective seems absurd, people thought it was going on in the ’70s. Below are a couple of sources.

    Before anyone goes on a tangent about the environment one way or another, we should see what is economically feasible in order to save energy. I drive an ’01 Nissan Altima, I bought it used, and gets fairly good mileage, I try to keep my tires pumped, and oil changed. I replaced all the light bulbs in my home with florescent bulbs, which can allow me to state that I typically only have a 50 dollar electric bill, with 2 computers on all the time (for remote access purposes). My comments on the issue one way or another, is just pick the low hanging fruit first.

  8. Lighten up on Sarah; she still has many thousands of times the integrity and intelligence of Obama.

    In fact, together, Obama and Biden are intellectually subordinate to Sarah Palin.

    BTW, I’m not a Republican; just an independent… you know, the one’s that WILL decide this election.

  9. I’m a bit tired right now, so i’m too lazy to look up links but a google search should net enough. Many meteorologists (people who study weather patterns as far back as recorded history goes)have stated that Global Warming is bullocks, we haven’t deviated from normal weather patterns. Carl Bohnak (spelling on last name may or may not be wrong) wrote an excellent article in Northern Michigan Universities Alumni publication sometime this past summer on the subject, where he quotes and sites other meteorologist on the matter. That should be enough to get you jackasses started.

  10. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of scientists who remain skeptical of human-caused global warming and that list is growing by the day. That’s a fact.

    I suggest people look into how Mann’s data were derived.

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