Fair and Balanced

In the interest in being fair and balanced, I will here include an unedited treatment without comment of the Christian perspective of why good works are not not enough and why it is important to believe. I don’t want people to think that this blog is slanted one way or another in aspects related to religion.


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Fair and Balanced — 14 Comments

  1. Thank you. This rather nicely explains why devout christians are frequently complete assholes.

  2. I used to enjoy collecting and reading Chick Comics. My favorite, as recommendation, is titled, “The Death Cookie”.

    While he is certainly free to believe what he likes, I cannot fathom how one in their right mind can subscribe to such exclusive views and interpretations of an extraordinarily vague set of documents.

  3. @mark

    I can, that’s the proper way to interpret the bible actually, any other interpretation is deceiving.

    That’s why the bible is so sick and all who believe the bible are sick.

  4. Mark,

    Thanks for the tip about “the death cookie” (which can be seen here).

    Interestingly, I agree with his criticism of the Catholic Church concerning the wafer.

  5. Truly Christianity itself is a wide brush stroke. So many differing definitions of what constitutes being a Christian, so many conflicting versions of the truth within just Christianity itself. Most of it claimed to be via divine inspiration, like they all have god on speed dial and god is instructing them on conflicting truths. Has reason somehow failed these people, that they can no longer trust it?

    That ethnocentric viewpoint from the above strip is clearly one of the more egotistical and selfish beliefs within christianity. Unfortunately, regardless of its astounding absurdity, a great number of believers march to the beat of that drum. I fear such people would rather go to war than give up such beliefs, and I’m afraid that for humanity to advance in a positive direction, these beliefs must be abandoned.

  6. Well said Brandon.

    It seems there are three perhaps orthogonal viewpoints:

    1. Fundi: the only ticket to heaven is believing the right things. If you believe the wrong things, you will go to Hell. It is nice that some people do good works, but the good works are not a pre-condition to getting to heaven.

    2. moderate: the ticket to heaven is good works. Beliefs are a vehicle to help people do good works. Various belief systems can apply.

    3. humanist: One should do good works for goodness sake. There is no heavenly reward. The reward is knowing that you did the right thing and helped the world. No supernatural beliefs necessary.

  7. @ Jeff

    I have to say, I think #3 is more along the lines of: “You should do good works because they better the world, and a better world helps everyone, including yourself.”

  8. Thanks Jeff,

    I see the labels you define as useful, but more so in that they describe particular points along a spectrum of viewpoints. In reality, some people float between moderate and fundie, others between moderate and humanist. Further, some people may hold specific beliefs that are more fundamental or humanist than other beliefs they hold. All of this strikes me as remarkably similar to how we come about labeling someone as right-wing conservative versus moderate conservative, etc.

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  10. Wow I can’t believe this is real. I mean it seriously reads like a parody. It’s just so repulsive. Are they all like this?

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