The Fundamentalist Challenge

fundamentalist challenge

This comic is in response to those concerned individuals who posted comments on the “StumbleUpon” navigator. It seems a few people think I am merely knocking down a straw man of religion. If you think that is the case, post a comment here with an example of how I am misrepresenting religion. Simply click on the comment link in the post heading or alternatively click here.

I do think, though, that Christianity would better reflect the golden rule if they dropped the “saved”
and “burning in hell” business. We could still have the Christ spirit and all the good stuff. Just get rid of the bad stuff.

The Environment

the environment

Here is one for Al Gore.

For me, this explains why most religious conservatives don’t really care about the green movement. To the religious mind, the earthly existence is really only a testing place for getting into heaven. To them, the important thing is the passing of the test… not the conditions on the ground. Many of them would sacrifice the planet many times over in an attempt to save a few more souls.

Two can play this game

Two can play this game

I’ve heard pastors say each of these things during sermons in church. They want each person in the congregation to slowly and incrementally give up all their secular interests and activities and increasingly devote more and more of their time and money to the church. The model is the early 1st century Christians who supposedly gave up all of their possessions to follow the teachings of Jesus. Of course the present day church wants us all to keep our day jobs so we will continue to make money to give to the church.

Devil made me do it

devil made me do it

It took a person with a certain “devilish” imagination to write many of the books of the Old and New Testaments. And it takes a certain special kind of person to leverage these earlier works for their gain in the present time.

I subscribe to the theory that the “books of Moses” were not actually written by Moses as God spoke to him, but were written much much later.

I also subscribe to the theory that the gospels were not written by personal friends of Jesus just a few years after he died, but were written much later by authors who may not even have personally met Jesus in their lives.

The sun god


Christianity borrows heavily from earlier pre-existing religions. Practically every concept in Christianity pre-dates the time of Christ.

Virgin Birth, Born on Dec 25th., significance of “the cave”, risen, giver of life, redemption, etc. The list goes on and on.

Sugar Coating

Sugar coating

This is the basic Christian bible story without all the sugar coating and marketing spin. Granted, there is not a lot in the bible about what to expect in heaven after you die, but the best prediction of future events is past behavior…

The concept of marketing has been around for a long time. Most people today mainly pay attention to the marketing and not the actual product being sold.  “God loves you” but he just “works in mysterious ways”.

religious literacy

religious literacy

Our religious leaders beseech us to read the bible. I would encourage people to read the book “Jesus for the non-religious” by retired Episcopal bishop Shelby Spong. In this fine book he provides critical analysis on the gospel stories debunking their supernatural (or theistic) aspects. Dr. Spong has really done his homework and read the bible!!! Good job.

I’m sure that some other religious leaders regret the day that the church stopped putting people to death for translating the bible into languages accessible to church followers.