Christian Heaven

Christian heaven

For many, the prospect of “basking” in the glory of God, although fun for a while, may prove to be a bit monotonous after a sufficient period of time. After a while, those basic human impulses may start to surface again.

Since eternity is a log time, some may eventually experiment with gay or lesbian sex. What irony. Same sex couples in fundamentalist Christian heaven!!!


Christian Heaven — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve always believed that to be Heaven, it would have to be infinitely varied. Given eternity, any finite set of things to do would quickly become indistinguishable from Hell.

  2. But in order to be infinitely varied, it would have to contain one of everything, which would once again make it, or at least parts of it, indistinguishable from hell.

  3. Not true, if it was imperative for it to contain anything, namely parts of hell, then that would imply that the things it contained came from a finite set of everything, in which case it would still be finite, in other words, infinity minus any finite number is still infinity, or assuming hell has just as many bad things as heaven has good things, infinity minus half of infinity is still infinity.

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