Selfish Tribalism — 5 Comments

  1. The fact that Christians share their faith and get criticized for it (yet still continue to do it) shows that they truly DO want others to believe what they believe and have what they have in the afterlife.

  2. You are just saying that Christians want others to “join their tribe”. The basic premise of the cartoon holds that Christians divide the world into two “tribes”. Christians and non-Christians. Christians are commended that they allow non-Christians to join their “tribe” but they are still dividing the world up never-the-less into two tribes and then say that those not from the “right” tribe (at the time of death) don’t get the “candy”.

  3. For example, the Negro race oriagnited in the world’s hotter, wetter climates. Energy and water are the fundamentals of life on Earth: the more of them are available in a given locale, the more abundant will life be in that locale. This, too, is non-controversial. So the Negro race’s origins are in a habitat where life of all sorts was plentifully supplied with its basic necessities: the jungle. Ah, the old jungle bunny theory. Anthropologists believe the human race, not the black race, began in the same place. It was probably a development that grew out of a division of hominids that learned to cook. That took brains, yes? Is this writer aware of the size of Africa? It’s the second largest continent on earth.It stretches from the northern temperate zone to the southern. Besides jungles, it has plains, deserts, mountains, etc.. Those blacks who win the Boston Marathon every year don’t come from the jungle: they run in dry hills. Black people who hail from, say, Senegal, most likely have Senegalese ancestors, not junglers. The continent is populated by all kinds of black people from all kinds of environments. Francis W Porretto is a race hustler. He’d best study geography and anthropology before he continues spreading more dung like the above.

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