Force Fitting the bible

force fitting

Religion does a lot of the following. Take certain writings (like by Paul) where Paul believed “A” and then re-interpret the writings to mean “B” to be consistent with beliefs that formed later. Then point back to Paul’s writings and and say that they are in support of the “B” beliefs. In general, this is an approach to the world where certain beliefs are fixed and then all data made to fit or support the beliefs.

This is the opposite of the scientific method where (in theory) the data should be gathered and analyzed first, and then the conclusions (and beliefs) formed.


Force Fitting the bible — 3 Comments

  1. ?? 4:20 pmelaheh ??????:salam mhkaastim bedunam ke agar khanevadeyi barkhordeshun ba bachehashun gheire manteghie va dar kol kheili baham dg msohkel daran ba anjame in testha mishe moshkel ro hal kard?

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