God’s Purpose

God's Purpose

I recently attended a bible study where it was emphasized how important it is to listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance. The objective being that we need to follow God’s purpose and not our own. Our own ideas are selfish and sinful (being apart from God). Of course this raises the natural question of how anyone can tell their own ideas from ideas placed in their heads by the Holy Spirit. It all boils down to getting the congregation to do what the church wants them to do.

Tithe this, volunteer that, evangelize and convert those…


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  1. I know… I completely agree with you. I’m a Christian myself, but it infuriates me when I hear such nonsense from religious leaders. The way I see it, the Holy Spirit frees us from fear, guilt, and shame so we can allow ourselves (and each other) to be loved for who we are, NOT what we do. Who knows? Maybe I have it all wrong…

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