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  1. I don’t want to be labled anything. I am Doris Tracey and I desire to express what is in me, thats all. I am what I am and thats all that I am: Pop-eye.

  2. Vickie, Although I would agree that no-one actually knows the answer to the existence of God (or gods), there are many that “claim to know”. I’m in a Christian bible study group and about half the participants say they are “dead sure” of the existence of God. They would 100% consider themselves as Gnostic Theists.

    Doris, my intent in posting this grid is not to put people in boxes that define them but to raise awareness of the meaning of the terms and to try to dispel the commonly held belief in the religious community (at least in the United States) that atheism and agnosticism are somehow associated with evilness or wickedness. Those Gnostic Theist members of my Christian bible study group all believe Atheists to be either agents of Satan or under the spell of Satan. At least that is what they have repeatedly told me… along with claiming to know that God exists.

  3. ** playing at philosophy is irrelevant **

    Once you understand how the following facile myth-understanding took place, you’ll also understand that all the philosophical blather over the existence of some god or other is irrelevant to the truth of any claim whatsoever by any of the big-3 mutually inconsistent monotheisms. Here’s the xians’ madcap slide.

    some god = one god only = jewish god = jewish messiah = jesus = xian christ = xian god

    While there’s no need to grant anyone the first move, even when granted xianity just piles assumption upon presupposition upon dogma.

    It’s wholly myth-taken. And quite funny, that is, risible.


  4. Nice site you’ve got here… I especially like the fact that you’re doing it in comic form.

    I’m a humanist myself, preferring to keep gods out of the equation altogether.

  5. This war of “God or no God” has been going on for hundreds of years. “Science wins again” or “we just need faith” or “prove it and I’ll believe it” are the arguments brought forth no matter how it is worded.

    It is obvious that if these issues haven’t been resolved since before history was even conceived (and the argument has been going on for precisely that long), a bunch of mindless know nothings on the internet aren’t going to solve it either.

    I am a Christian myself, but am extremely annoyed when other Christians try to argue with disbelief. I am equally annoyed when the non believers or “humanists” or “independent thinkers” of the sorts try to argue their points. All points when presented in an argument are futile against the others.

    I wish we would just give up the argument, we’ll see what happens eventually. Let’s move on and just be the best we know how to be and keep learning and progressing as a people.

    But that will never happen, oh well, this was my vent.

  6. Let’s move on and just be the best we know how to be and keep learning and progressing as a people.

    I agree with this sentiment. I look forward to the day when religious evangelism and proselytism stops… when pastors stop telling their congregation to not associate with non-Christians, that non-Christians are all going to hell, and that atheists are all possessed by Satan… Yes, I’ve repeatedly heard all these things at church.

    Yes, I look forward to such a day where I can close down this website and just be the best I know how to be and keep learning and progressing as a person.

    FWIW, I don’t think Christians are going to Hell, nor are possessed by the devil. I gladly associate with many Christians. IMO, its the Christian evangelical movement needs to clean up their act and be more tolerant.

  7. I find a good label is ‘Rationalist’, someone who believes in whatever is the most logical, depending on both common sense and the most recent science. If Jesus started tap-dancing in Times Square, a rationalist would believe in a god. At the moment, however, all rationalists are agnostic.

  8. I personally don’t think there is a god, and I dont believe in any religions. Weather is Islam, Christiannity, etc. And my reason is clear. I think that religion was created by man, for its own needs. We needed to explain our existance, and we had nothing else but god. Second of all we seem to give every credit to god in religion. God gave you this, God gave you that, well I’m sorry to break your bubble here but what you’ve got is what you’ve worked for. Nothing more nothing less.

    I think religion is premitive, dumb and ridiculous. No offense to those who have faith, but there are missing links in religion and it just doesn’t work out in my mind. If I shall burn in hell because of my sins, well so be it.

    And by the way your little chart is pure bullshit (sorry for the expression but I had to say it like that) you represent atheism as bad and evil when it is actually normal for somebody to find the truth in religion. And when you say that gnostic atheists are the strongest atheist, I’m sorry but your wrong again.

    Some (I am part of it) oppose themselves to religious acts, religious thoughts. Most of them feel like religion is just another way of brain wash, another lie.

  9. What if I believe in a god that created, but does not influence the world? Would that make me an agnostic deist?

    You forget to include “deist” in your grid.

  10. My thinking on this chart is evolving a bit…. Theism is defined as a belief that a god (or gods) actively and interactively directs the world and that knowledge of this god (or gods) can be obtained through revelation. Atheism is the lack of belief in those notions. With that perspective, one could be both an atheist and a deist at the same time…. as long as one wasn’t an “adeist”.

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