Demonic Possession

Demonic Possession

I’m a member of a fundamentalist Christian Small Group and heard this while the group was discussing Mark 1:23-27 as part of the guided lesson about miracles and signs.  They believe that there are these demon entities floating around continually trying to “get in” and we have to constantly battle them with the help of Jesus.   The small group is nuts, of course.


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  1. Jeff,

    Why do you continue taking your family to this church? I’m concerned for your kids. Not that they are in danger of becoming a fundamentalist, but why even bother with learning about such nonsense? Hmm… then again, maybe they will learn that even the “nuts” can be lovable and not to be feared. My hat’s off to you. :)

  2. The way I see it, the only difference between fundamentalists and “normal” Christians, is that the fundamentalists actually believe the stuff that is written in the bible. You are also right, though, that individually, fundamentalists can be very nice. Their beliefs are just crazy. That is a good message for my kids.

  3. umm, not to sound ‘nuts’ to anybody, but if you don’t actually believe what’s in the Bible, then there isn’t anything left that you ‘believe’ in. There is no reason to call yourself a Christian if you can’t, or won’t, believe it.
    I guess that’s why it’s called fundamental

  4. Actually, to follow that up, I’d like to note there is a broad line between a fundamentalist [who believes the Bible]& a gullible person [who believes ever tidbit that *somebody tells them*]
    That where cults and ‘churches’ get started that hold one piece of scripture, but kinda walk around most others that don’t fit how they ‘feel’ about it.
    Big superchurches or whatever get huge because they don’t preach a lot- they talk about the flowery side of things and whatever’s popular, but they don’t give people a lot of spiritual reality.
    But I’d like to agree, that God & the Devil both get blamed for a whole lot of things they aren’t involved with. God doesn’t give people cancer & the Devil doesn’t come in a tequila bottle. Free will gives place to a whole lot of weird ideas, but that’s why God has a specific written standard.
    People can fight & complain all they want that the Bible doesn’t fit their ‘groove’ but until we realize the world doesn’t revolve around us, it will remain foolishness.

  5. What if Christianity itself is really just demonic possession and the true Word is Islam? There is really no way to tell. It really all comes down to birth-rate and what meme has more influence in the world. Or are Christianity and Islam both just demonic possession and Judaism the true Word? Or is Buddhism or Hinduisms the true Word? Is it Mormonism? Or is it something not yet revealed? Or are claims of “the true Word” all just inventions of Man who only “wants” there to be a “true Word”?

  6. Fundamentalism is believing the Bible word for word, and taking it at face-value without regards to original context or intent. A fundamentalist is not someone who simply believes in the Bible – I’m a Christian, but not a fundamentalist. Fundamentalism is simply ignorant and wrong.

  7. this is what happens when you don’t give reason and research a chance. you just say: its demons, and thats it, its over. but this is just a neverending dicussion with people who just dont understand reasons, and they say im close minded.

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