atheist call in show — 7 Comments

  1. ROTFLMAO! Just when it seemed that you were having a very reasoned discussion with a guy who was apparently really trying to have a meaningful discussion his head popped and all of his brains spewed out. It guess that he finally realized that he had lost the argument and there was no recourse but punish you physically. Typical. A couple of hundred years ago he would burn you at the stake.

  2. The moment that the caller understood atheism he got scared that he understood atheism. I would guess that that caller is now an atheist.

  3. Just saw this website for the first time. Great website GodItself, would love to do something along the same lines myself.

  4. It’s sad proof in the end that we are still evolving.

    I ordered “The God That Wasn’t There” video documentary through my BlockbusterOnline subscription. When it arrived, I found that it had been broken in half so I couldn’t view it! Inquisition 2.0.

  5. The caller was going to punch the speaker’s head in to save him and make him believe something that’s entirely “subjective”! Hilarious! Of course, what can we expect of someone who still isn’t sure whether pixies and leprechauns exist?

  6. That was a very wel argued debate.. sadly mostly from the Athiest side.

    I respect the athiest for being open minded to other peoples beliefs and that alone made him the better man there. (beside the last sentence the caller said)

    Still on the line of there being no other subject in which it is an unreasonable expectation for a person to provide valid proof for their beliefs the caller could’ve made a much better argument by pointing towards opinion and taste.

    Both of which are basically forms of belief as in “I believe classic rock is the best music”
    “why?” “Just cause I think so”. In a situation like that, such an explanation would be acceptable except by people that are not inclined to agree in such a way that everybody has to agree with them.

    Still decent debate.

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