dark matter

dark matter

The prevailing scientific cosmological theories will undoubtedly be revised as more scientific data becomes available. New paradigms may even enable whole new theories to be developed. But the main thing that distinguishes science from religion is that science has a built-in mechanisms for change. If science turns out to be slow to change its ideas on a subject, that is just a reflection of the people who dominate the disciplines, not science itself.

more virgin talk

If the virgins granted to Muslims who go to heaven indeed had no prior Earthly existence and were not themselves “judged” then heaven would consist of two populations of people:

  • Those who were judged (and passed)
  • Those who were created and placed directly into heaven for the sexual pleasure of those who were judged.

With heaven consisting of these two populations of people, how would you easily be able to identify which group someone belongs? It seems that such an eternal heavenly society would have lots of opportunities for social and psychological strife.

If God created some people and placed them directly into heaven, why doesn’t he do that for all people? The whole concept of “judging” exists simply as a way for religious leaders to have power over the populace.

virgin talk

It seems so hypocritical that Muslims criticize the West for its loose morals but one of their faith’s enticements is the granting of virgins in heaven.  It would then seem that Islamic heaven would offer the same opportunities for loose morals that Muslims criticize in the here and now. 

Time Travel


The gospels were written over 50 years after the time of “the crucifixion”. There is no way that they could be an accurate accounting of specific events in Jesus’s life.  They should be interpreted as merely liturgical stories made to fit earlier existing Jewish tradition and prophesy.  If Aliens were to go back in time, it is doubtful that they would be able to verify much of anything as written in the gospels.